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CRMC x Vivid Black Artistry
No CRMC design is arbitrary, and this BA.P.H.O.MET design is no exception. 

This incredibly comfy, long length robe shows off both subtle & unsubtle symbology for eyes to see. 

The title alone holds the secret to the origins of the Baphomet; "TEM.ple O.minium H.ominium" which is Latin for “The Father of the temple of universal peace for men". Our design depicts the ram/goat-headed deity sitting in the lotus meditative stance. On one sleeve it has DCLXVI, Latin for "666", while on the other sleeve it depicts 6 symbols associated with Saturn (Satan); the unicursal hexagram, the sigil of Saturn, the astrological symbol of Saturn, the black cube, the astrological symbol of Capricorn & the alchemical symbol for Earth, his domain. 

  • Limited to 50 Black Robes
  • 100% cotton loose terry, 240 GSM
  • Custom inner and outer labels

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