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“Symbology and ritual, at best, can only mimic the Truth...” - Gabriel Brunsdon

This comfy AF oversized longlsleeve shows off both subtle & unsubtle symbology for eyes to see. 
Addressing the unsubtle; we've used symbols such the sayagata (swastika), sigil of Lucifer (the light bringer), the Leviathan Cross (depicted as an infinity sign (∞), and double cross (‡). The Double cross symbolizes protection and balance between persons. The infinity sign underlines the constant and infinite nature of the universe) & the Enneagram (a 9-pointed star/model of the human psyche which is principally understood and taught as a typology of nine interconnected personality types).

Centred, we have the 5 sided inverted pentagram featuring the Goat of Mendes, which is derived from Ptah the Egyptian God of Magick, knowledge, and wisdom (an alias of Satan/Saturn) who later became symbolic of the goat or ram in the city of Mendes where he was worshipped. The Goat/Ram of Mendes represented the "Ba" which was the Egyptian word for the "soul", from which we associate the sound "Baa" for animals such as sheep, goats & rams.
Surrounding the pentagram is a 6 sided or hexagonal "lotus" in the form of a chakra.

Subtly; this design is a nod to the universal 6:5 ratio incorporated into historic architecture, artwork, metrics, distances & symbols, as explained in Scott Onstott's excellent 2 part film Secrets Hidden In Plain Sight.

  • Limited to 25 Black Longsleeve Tall Tees
  • Jersey 100% cotton, 190 GSM
  • Custom inner and outer labels


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